An extremely important element in "Key Blank Making," we believe stability is the factor that separates the strength of one company from another.

You can always rely on Goto Manufacturing as your reliable source for balanced, high-level products offering the best in terms of precision, appearance, and every other aspect of manufacturing.

  1. "The first shipment was perfect, but the quality of this shipment was only so-so." Products vary widely in terms of precision and appearance in each shipment. Products shipped were significantly inferior in quality than the samples.
  2. "One product is always perfect, while another product is always only marginally acceptable." A company is expert at one type of product, but lacks the capacity to make another type.
  3. "No problem as long as the key fits into the cylinder"

Companies described in 1., 2., and 3. above are failures as key blank manufacturers. We believe these companies cannot provide value to their customers.

Keys are an indispensable part of daily life, used by people all around the world.
As such, there is no room for deception in the relationship between the manufacturer and the retailer.
Stability is important exactly because of this long-term relationship between manufacturer and retailer.

"Small LOT Production"

From all machinery related to MOLD, PRESS, MILLING, CUTTER, LOGO MOLD production to all manner of tools, we have brought our expertise to bear, creating a production line that can never be imitated by other companies.

"Quality Control"

"Raw Materials," "PRESS Processed Products," "MILLING Processed Products," "LOGO Processed Products," "MEKKI (plating) Processed Products" and other processed products are all "living" things.
Their states are always in flux.
We have no manual that dictates our manufacturing method. We have worked to develop our own expertise in every aspect of the manufacturing process, selecting the most appropriate machines/PARTS as we closely monitor the status at each stage. Our intent in rejecting a manual is to aim for higher-quality in our production, always endeavoring to improve and find new manufacturing methods and technologies.
Our goal is daily improvement. We always keep our "eyes" on every detail, constantly searching for anything that could be considered a defect.
This is why Goto Manufacturing has inevitably become expert in quality control.

"Inventory Management"

We apply the same concern to inventory management that we do to quality control, as demonstrated by our capital investment commitments.


At Goto Manufacturing, we perform all "MOLD Manufacturing," "CUTTER Manufacturing," "LOGO MOLD Manufacturing," and "PARTS Manufacturing" on our own. All of these are products of our dedication to building in-house expertise.

"Abundant Variety"

Currently, Goto Manufacturing produces more than 2,500 different types of general-purpose keys, and a total of more than 6,000 different items when including our specialty products.
Further, our MOLDS are produced in-house, which means we can quickly prepare any type of product our customers need.